Scrapers: Versatile Machine In Earthmoving

Scraper is a most versatile machine in the field of earthmoving machinery and construction machinery.

The specialty of this machine is it loads itself, haul load at desire location and finally spread material as per requirement of site.

Only one demerit of this versatile earthmoving machine is it can be efficiently used only at heavy work, means it can not be employed for light type of earthwork.

This machine either towed or motorised are normally used in the heavy earthmoving or construction work.

The scrapers are heavy earthmoving machine capable of digging by taking shallow cuts, loading and hauling over considerable distance and dumping or spreading their load in thin layers on arrival.

The work of digging, hauling and spreading is carried out in continuous cycle.

These are most efficient heavy earthmoving machine for this work between certain limits of distances.

When soil is too difficult to excavate they are supplemented by tractor drawn rooters to loosen the ground. They can be assisted in digging and loading to capacity by use of additional pusher tractor.

Types  :- 

Tractor towed Scraper :scraper july2012

Tractor towed scrapers can be controlled either by cable control unit or hydraulic rams.

Motorised Scraper :scraper1 july2012

Most motorised scrapers consist of scraper mounted on two large pneumatic wheels connected by heavy pivot yoke to a heavy two wheeled tractor or four wheeled tractor.

Capacity of Scraper :

In case of scraper there are two types of capacities as follows

1) Stuck capacity

2) Heaped capacity

Classification :

The capacity of scraper shall be based upon heaped capacity, because it will give an idea of ultimate output on which user can plan his work.

Scraper are classified in following categories on the basis of capacity :

Light…    7 to 15 cu. meter.

Medium..  16 to 25 cu. meter.

Heavy..     Above 25 cu. meter.

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